Traditional methods of controlling shipping activities usually lack real-time tracking capabilities that are essential for the whole shipping process to be efficient. The advancement in technology has greatly helped companies to manage their shipping and logistics processes more efficiently. Just as the name suggests, shipping software is meant to streamline everything which takes place between clients deciding to buy from you and their shipment actually showing at their door.

There are numerous things that you can achieve when you invest in shipping software. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Prevent errors with alert service
  • Check imported orders, sort orders, as well as edit with one click service
  • Manage all shipping centers using one portal
  • Keep the customers informed about their shipment
  • Integration with other business management modules
  • Improves the shipping time and minimizes the cost of the whole process

With that said, there are various shipping solutions available; therefore, picking the best can be a bit overwhelming. It is important you pick a shipping module which will scale with your business needs. For instance, a shipping module from Odoo integrates into your shipment processes and workflow seamlessly.

Qualities of good shipping software

Ease of personalization and user-friendly design

A good shipping software should be easy to use and easy to modify. A user-friendly layout and interface not only help expedite the time needed to complete assignments but also cuts down the time invested in training.

Integration operations

Many factors will determine what type of integration options will be required to create an ideal software integration for your enterprise. Possibly, you need to integrate your finance or accounting software to aptly track the transactions associated with each shipment, or perhaps you would wish to integrate with the systems preferred by your shipping partners to cut down the need for external communication.

Deployment options

Depending on the technology system you already have in your business, you may wish to weigh up between a SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), on-premise software, or a hybrid of the two. Get to know what would be ideal for you.

Associated costs

You may find that the price of shipping software matches the budget you projected, but have you thought about the additional cost of implementing the software? What about the amount of time and resources that will be spent training your staff to use the shipping software. Do you get a free trial period before fully purchasing it?

Support services

It is very uncommon to get a shipping system for your business which does not require some kind of support. Whether it is the training, implementation, or customization, it is important that the vendor behind the software be able to accomplish your objectives properly.


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