Does your sales team feel more like clerks than sales people? Are they spending a lot of time documenting their activities instead of focusing on selling? As a business owner, are you spending most of your time managing your sales pipeline in Excel? If these statements sound familiar, then it is the high time you invested in sales management software.

Fortunately, there are various sales management tools available in the market. Among the many competitors offering self-hosted ERP solutions, Odoo stands out with its remarkable functionality, customization, and customer orientation features. Notably, Odoo is an extremely affordable business management software. In fact, in the business circles, Odoo is branded as an inexpensive alternative to NetSuite and other typical ERP systems.

The Odoo sales management module allows organizations to remain competitive by streamlining marketing and sales activities. The sales software can help you monitor sales targets, customize your sales pipeline, stay in contact with your clients, track leads, through built-in reporting and analytical functions.

Reduction of employees' burden

When your members of staff are made to juggle multiple programs, they tend to get stressed out easily which is bad for your business. A sales management system lessens the burden on the sales team, by providing a single repository for carrying out all of their errands. Without alternating between programs, employees can accomplish lead management, CRM, and other sales tasks.

Quick access to customer database

Businesses can reduce the challenges and problems that they face by taking advantage of the knowledge database of sales management tools. The provision of data about sales accounts assists businesses to define their most preeminent sales accounts. Being in a position to filter promising or preeminent accounts from the others, a sales department can design promotions which would relate more to different classes of their customers.

Create professional quotations

Come up with quotations with ease and send to your clients in PDF format by email. Actually, this self-hosted Open ERP sales module enables business owners to track quotations and successfully convert them to sales order in a single click, minimizing administration so your employees can use the extra time concentrating on selling.

Analytics and reporting

The sales module allows businesses owners access to synchronized reports that any employee would wish to create and share. This helps in getting the most up to date statics on the performance of each sales personnel or team. For instance, if a certain employee is struggling with their work, you can look at the data and identify which activity metric they need to coached on.


In short, Odoo sales management module provides business owners with complete information associated with the sales department. You cannot overlook its importance. Therefore, when the time comes to evaluate ERP systems for your business, it is advisable you contact an expert.

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