Running low on necessary items, losing placed orders, or placing duplicate orders are some of the problems that purchase departments in most companies face. However, with the efficiency that comes with a good Purchase management module, this can be a thing of the past.

A fully supported open source ERP like Odoo has a robust purchase management module which automates all the key purchasing functions from stock requisition to bidding, purchase orders, and stock control. In short, the main function of a purchase management tool is to reduce and automate as many processes as possible while also minimizing costs and employee-related errors.

Since a purchase management module keeps track of the organization’s existing inventory, it generates orders automatically when the stock gets to a certain level. This eliminates the need for monitoring stock levels manually, and most importantly, prevents stock levels of essential items from running out.

Purchasing software is known also to accelerate the purchasing process. For example, if a company needs a regular shipment of products, such as bathroom supplies, stationary goods, or printer ink, the system can replicate old purchase orders without the purchasing officer having to recreate them again. Therefore, recurring orders can be created on one occasion but used for the foreseeable future thanks to the software.

Furthermore, the software gets rid of confusion that sometimes happens when orders are received. For instance, with a purchasing management module from Odoo, when a delivery is acknowledged, it can be keyed into the system, matched up accurately with the original purchase order, and then documented accordingly. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who placed the initial order or one who receives the order, the arrival of the shipment will be known company-wide.

Purchasing software can as well improve the relationship between sellers and buyers. It keeps track of prices paid for various items and can generate reports just from that information so that supplier agreements can be negotiated to save the company more money and most importantly so that the most reliable supplier can be picked for the job.

Overall, purchasing software presents a range of benefits for businesses of all kinds. By helping businesses boost their purchasing efficiency, save money, handle deliveries, better track their inventory, and more, these tools can actually improve the manner in which purchasing departments work.


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