Project Management

Currently, Project Management has become an indispensable technique for most businesses to maximize their productivity and guarantee that they are providing services with efficiency and effectiveness. However, the fact of the matter remains that, some organizations do not have good project management procedures in place, let alone software to support these procedures. A project management tool such as Odoo provides both small and established businesses, with a solution that allows them to be organized.

Collaboration on projects

Via project management software, it becomes a lot easier for your team to collaborate on different projects. This software allows them to share timelines, status updates, and document, hence the project manager can know where each member is at, how much is completed, how much is left to be completed. If any of the team members has concerns or questions, they can simply get the answers they want with less effort.

Delegate tasks

As a business owner, you probably weigh the skills, abilities, and knowledge of employees before delegating responsibilities to them. Use project management tool to easily entrust tasks to the right employees. By assigning tasks in the system, each team member has access to critical information and knows who they can get in touch with if they have questions, or need some clarification about a specific topic.

Stay on schedule

Project management software allows project managers to specify a start and completion date to tasks and projects they include in the system. Usually, this information alerts team members of upcoming deadlines. As a result, they manage time appropriately and complete assignments on time.

Track projects

How do you keep track of the progress of your projects? With the help of project management software, you will know what has been completed, by which team member, and what still needs to be completed. Team members can regularly keep the project manager posted on what they are working on. Basically, the software reduces the need for regular status update meetings and emails.

Communication with clients and vendors

Besides from communication among team members, project management software enables businesses to communicate milestones of the project to its clients and vendors. This is a good way of dealing with other concerned stakeholders since they can give you their feedbacks and comments as the project progresses. By enhancing the visibility of the whole process, you foster an atmosphere of responsibility and trust within the business circle.


When implemented appropriately, a project management module can be of great help to your organization, in terms of increasing productivity, reliability, and preferably, your ROI for each project. However as you may know, the success of any business management software greatly depends on how effective the implementation and support team are.

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