Fabricated metal manufacturers are facing increased global pressures. Price sensitivity, shorter product lifecycles, volatile raw material costs and adoption of value-added services continue to eat into the already thin margins. Furthermore, when customers demand more variety, lower prices, and shorter lead times, it calls for manufacturers to exercise greater flexibility while still maintaining precise execution. Only a fabrication ERP tool has the necessary capability can help you address these problems.

ERP fabrication software

It is important for fabricators to create a good relationship and understanding with their customers. To achieve this across all departments, integrated systems and processes should be put in place to compliment the manual workflow from design management to after-sale service and client relationship management.

Top fabrication management software like Odoo (formerly ERP) boost standards in daily operating procedures, provides alert when setbacks occur, and minimize the faults common to manual processes. It enables fabricators to benefit from business improvement opportunities like centralized procurement spending, internet based sourcing, capacity planning, and enhanced visibility to attain bottom-line results.

Features and benefits of fabrication software

Full traceability

  • Gain full traceability of materials employed in each phase of the fabrication process. In addition, fabricators rely greatly on estimating current and future capacity to keep their operations running smoothly and their expenses under control.
  • Keep a comprehensive history of inventory, production activities, heats, test results and more. For instance, you can rely on heat racing capabilities to identify the source and deposition of raw materials at all times.

Predictive maintenance

  • Avoid schedule interruptions with preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Keep equipment uptime high and unanticipated failures low by scheduling maintenance at the most favorable times.

Financial controls

  • Successful integration to accounting integrations to keep financial records up-to-date
  • Keep close tabs on all departments within the company and provide detailed and consolidated information they require to make informed management decisions.

Precision quality and control

  • Stand out from the crowd by offering on-time delivery rates in the fabrication industry. Users of this software typically report on-time delivery due to better planning, scheduling, and material control.

Boost customer service

  • Exceed customer expectations and boost margins with more exact quoting.
  • Manage special customer pricing.

Adapting quickly to market requirements

Fabrication is a multifaceted industry where market realignment, restructuring, and oversupply has become common. Fabricators are being forced to use other strategies to meet these cynical demands in order to minimize supply chain inefficiencies. These competitive challenges may make it more difficult for companies in this industry to grow. However, with the help of a fabrication management tool, you can be in a better position to adapt to market requirements as they evolve.


Whether you are fabricating products using aluminum, steel, or other metals, you need fabrication management tool uniquely designed for your company to maximize profitability. Unlike, other entry-level software, Odoo self-hosted ERP software for metal fabrication is designed to solve challenges across your entire fabrication process.

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