Account Management

Account management is a practice which allows a business to form a win-win partnership with its most important stakeholders - the customers. Businesses which choose to follow this route want to go past the transactional approach when dealing with their customers and have a mutually beneficial relationship which develops over time.

Understanding what your client wants and predicting their preferences set a solid foundation when it comes to building loyalty. An account management system keeps clients relationships as the focus of your company providing you with a system to manage and nature even the toughest clients.

Customer information and database management

By using account management software, you will have a more comprehensive view of your customers. The database management tool in this software organizes client information using segmentation and integrated scoring features. By categorizing clients according to buying habits, channel preference, credit risk, you can come up with more targeted offers which get a better response.

Increased customer satisfaction that leads to retention

An organization which has the best interest of its customers into consideration is more successful than the one that exclusively focuses on its business needs. One of the key reasons businesses invest in an account management system is to make sure that a profitable customer, or a prospective one, does not ever wish to migrate to a competitor. Account managers depend on an account management system to build an understanding of their client’s requirements and help them minimize risk and boost their own performance.

Additionally, by flawlessly managing and coordinating their customer needs through the account management software, account managers are guaranteed of meeting the criteria for client satisfaction, including accurate order fulfillment, efficient after sale service, prompt delivery and rapid response to inquiries. Obviously, satisfied accounts or customers will sing your praises to their colleagues, which is something every business would want.

Revenue Augmentation

Businesses that use account management software achieve superior growth, prosperity, and customer loyalty. The strong relationships with clients, help businesses develop stable revenue streams since clients are more comfortable to enter into long-term contracts instead of making ad-hoc purchases.

Once a customer patronizes your business, you can rely on that revenue stream to keep on even in the future. In short, without a good strategy to account management, an up-sell or any renewal opportunity may not be possible.


With an account management system, you have one single, configurable and flexible place to manage all your clients’ data. With that said, there are various vendors for account management software in the market nowadays, with Odoo being in the forefront. In the ERP software field, Odoo is an inexpensive alternative to Netsuite, SAP ERP, Oracle E-business and others. Therefore, with this kind of variety, consulting a professional before making any decision would be the ideal thing to do.

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